For Readers

What are these bundles?

Each bundle is a selection of 13 donated books on a theme chosen by our admins. They are organized like an anthology or boxset. 

Each bundle will be dedicated to a different trans-focused organization in a state where legislation is in the works to make life harder for trans children. 

If you’d like to donate a book to this effort, scroll down!

How do I get a bundle?

These bundles are extremely limited editions, available only in exchange for a donation to the charity of our choice through our link. 

Everyone who donates at least the minimum amount we request for that bundle will receive an email with the bundle file within 24 hours. 

I missed a bundle! Can I still get it?

All bundles are available for three weeks only, so unfortunately if you missed out on a particular one, you’re out of luck. 

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out, visit alerts.heafortranskids.com to sign up for an email blast! 

For Authors

How are you building these bundles?

Once accepted into a bundle, the author will be asked to supply organizers with: a word doc of their final manuscript, a high resolution cover, and a promotional blurb/cover copy, as well as a page with links to their newsletters. 

This will be compiled into a limited edition box set/anthology by our volunteers, and a price will be set for that particular bundle based on the value. Each bundle will be available for three weeks, and then will be discontinued.

For more information, visit our donation form. If your question is not answered, please email us at heafortranskids@gmail.com!

Why do authors need to provide word documents?

To reduce the amount of end user error and the administrative expense, we are doing this as an anthology-style bundle. This means that we will be formatting all of the books as one file, instead of 13 different ones and it will be truly limited edition. 

Who will have access to these word documents? I'm worried about piracy!

We understand! Only our admin team and up to two of our volunteers will have any access to the word documents in order to format them before your bundle goes live. After your bundle has sold out, we will delete the word documents. Please understand that two of our admins are authors and we take piracy seriously. We will not distribute your word document to anyone else. 

How will we get the books to you?

When the team is getting your bundle ready for release, we will email you with a contract detailing all of the rights we’re asking for and to get the file! 

What do I do if I want to donate more than one title?

Submit each title separately through the form.

Can I donate books if I am not a US citizen?

For this fundraiser, yes you can! This is a 501(c)3 charity that is not directly tied to elections, so we are allowed to donate and accept donations from people from all over the world!