Press Kit

Mission Statement

We raise money for trans organizations who provide local support to trans and gender non-conforming youth because we believe all trans kids deserve to have a Happily Ever After.”


HEA For Trans Kids Twitter

ActBlue Donation Form – Transgender Education Network Texas (TENT)

GoFundMe Donation Form – Birmingham AIDS Outreach

ActBlue Donation Form – Zebra Coalition

Email: heafortranskids@gmail(.com)

Admin Bios:

	A white woman with cat’s eye glasses and shoulder length bright pink hair smiling while wearing a soft pink button-up shirt under a neutral colored cardigan.


Ceillie is a queer, neurodivergent indie author and graphic designer. She writes queer books as Ceillie Simkiss and Candace Harper, and can often be found with a cat and some form of fiber craft in her hands. 

Pronouns: she/her

Pronunciation: kay-lee

A brown person with dark brown hair in an asymmetrical bob smiling with their chin resting on their hand wearing a teal shirt.


Shivani is a queer, 2nd generation Punjabi-American writer. She specializes in non fiction writing on mental health and community care and is working on her first novel.

Pronouns: she/her

Pronunciation: shi-vah-nee

A white person looking off to the left with a sedate expression in profile with shoulder length green-blue hair wearing a black tank-top with a heart with wings that reads “Bisexual Love Army.”


Quinn is a trans non-binary queer individual located in snowy western NY. They honed their sense of social justice by existing as queer in public and working in healthcare. When not fundraising for justice, they parent a cat, write queer love, and play a lot of video games.

Pronouns: they/them or he/him

Pronunciation: kwinn

A white man with short brown hair smiling and giving a peace sign wearing a dark zip-up hoodie while a brown stuffed animal peeks up from the lower right corner.


Devin is a trans author who writes romance and YA. He has a deep love of fantasy and his recent books center queer characters finding friendship, love, and community.

Pronouns: he/him

Pronunciation: deh-vin