Bundle #5 - Winter Wonderland for Trans Lifeline

Bundle cover for Winter Wonderland. A black castle against a white and blue background with snowflakes. The book spines show all titles and authors in the bundle.

This bundle is filled with the magic of winter, whether it’s spending the holidays with friends or cuddling up with a lover beside a cozy fire. Fight back against the cold and darkness all around us and share the light and warmth of the season with trans kids all across this country.

Books Included:

  • Homecoming – Beverly Jenkins
  • Hither, Page – Cat Sebastian
  • Miss Claus – J. R. Hart
  • The Devil May Care – Meredith Spies
  • Handmade Holidays – ‘Nathan Burgoine
  • Working Title – Holley Trent
  • Glass Tidings – Amy Jo Cousins
  • Goldie & The Bears – Hannah Murray
  • The Mistletoe Trap – Eve Pendle
  • A Winter Wonderland – Rebecca Hunter
  • Accidentally In love – Danica Flynn
  • Playing Rough – Jennifer Seasons
  • Pattern for an Angel – CJane Elliott

How Do I Get One?

This bundle was available 11/14/22 – 12/5/22

However, you can still donate to Trans Lifeline through ActBlue!

Total Funds Raised: $16,359

Bundle #4 - Tasty Treats for Campaign for Southern Equality

Tasty Treats Box Set Image

This bundle contains a baker’s dozen of delicious, delectable delights. Treat yourself while also helping trans kids!

Books Included:

  • The Duke Who Didn’t – Courtney Milan
  • Coffee Boy – S.A. (Austin) Chant
  • The Opposite of Drowning – Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese
  • Sugar and Spice – Eli Wray
  • Wrapped – Rebekah Weatherspoon
  • The Ultimate Pi Day Party – Jackie Lau
  • Baker Thief – Claudie Arseneault
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry – Susannah Nix
  • Unexpected Departure – Shannon O’Connor
  • Piece of Cake – Valentine Wheeler
  • Autumn Kisses – Reina M. Williams
  • Truth, Love and Sushi – Stacey Agdern
  • Lunchtime Sex – Missy Jane

How Do I Get One?

This bundle was available 9/12/22 – 10/3/22

Total Funds Raised: $18,880

Bundle #3 - A Universe Of Discoveries for Florida's Zebra Coalition

This amazing bundle ranges from the expanses of space to the thrill of discovery on our own planet. We’re demanding that trans kids in Florida have the freedom to discover their true selves.

Books Included:

  • The Queen’s Gambit – Jessie Mihalik
  • Against Walls – Bryn Hammond
  • Death Marked – Sara Codair
  • True Lies – Jaci Burton
  • Tainted Evidence – Rachel Grant
  • Off the Rails – Rachel Lacey
  • Love Wasn’t Built In A Day – Renee Dahlia
  • The Promise Of A Kiss – K.C. Bateman
  • Paper Dragon – Coralie Moss
  • Programming – M. Arbon
  • Eye of the Beholder and other stories – Kara Hartz
  • The Altars – Roy Claflin
  • Clean Install – R. Z. Held

How Do I Get One?

This bundle was available from 7/11/22 – 8/1/22

However, you can still donate to a great cause through ActBlue!

Total Funds Raised: $13,272

This bundle features characters who find strength in community and connection, because even in the darkest times, we know we can make it if we stand together. We’re letting trans kids in Alabama know they aren’t fighting alone.

Books Included:

  • Ashwin – Kit Rocha
  • Rainbow Islands – Devin Harnois 
  • EXODUS 20:3 – Freydís Moon
  • Rom and Yuli – Amara Lynn
  • Strange Love  – Ann Aguirre
  • Dust of My Wings – Carrie Ann Ryan
  • Moontangled – Stephanie Burgis
  • Rock Rift – Elsa Jade
  • A Time for Loving – Nico Jaye
  • No Place To Hide – Shannon Stacey
  • A Thousand Years to Wait – L. Ryan Storms
  • Dark Fangs Rising – C. Thomas Lafollette
  • Broken Bits – Kel O’Connor 

How Do I Get One?

This bundle was only available from 4/24/22 – 5/15/22

However, you can still donate to a great cause through GoFundMe!

Total Funds Raised: $17,177

This spine-tingling bundle is full of ghosts and monsters (some nice, some not!).
We’re going to haunt the Texas legislature and let them know they’ll never have peace until trans kids are protected.

Books Included:

  • A Stitch in Time – Kelley Armstrong
  • Bump in the Night – Meredith Spies 
  • Hunter of Demons – Jordan L. Hawk
  • Weave the Dark, Weave the Light – Anna Zabo
  • The Price on Her Head – Suzanne Clay
  • Penetration Test – Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid
  • Our Bloody Pearl – D.N. Bryn
  • High Lonesome Sound – Jaye Wells
  • Happily Ever Afterlives – Olivia Waite
  • Harrington House – J.P. Noether
  • Liminal Hearts – Dawn R. Schuldenfrei
  • Yours, Insatiably – Aveda Vice
  • Healer – R.L. Merrill

How Do I Get One?

This bundle was only available from 3/20/22 – 4/10/22

However, you can still donate to a great cause through ActBlue!

Total Funds Raised: $25,502