HEAs for Trans Kids Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What personal data we collect and from where

Contact Form Information

We collect contact information you voluntarily provide to us via our contact or volunteer form, which includes your name and email address. Our forms do not store your data on our site, as it is passed on via email. This information is stored within a Google Sheet accessible only to the administrative team. We only use the information in the form to respond to or act on your request, question, or submission.

ActBlue Registration

When you register for ActBlue, it records your legal name, phone number, personal address, employer’s name, and technological information. Please view their privacy policy here for more information on their privacy and data-retention policies.

In general, by collecting names and email addresses, we are able to match individuals to what they are offering or purchasing. This information will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be shared outside of the volunteer team. 

Who we share your data with and why

One member of the HEAForTransKids admin team sees your scrubbed data (see below). We receive the data from the contact forms and ActBlue, and use it to create lists such as:

* volunteers and their skills

* donators and the items they donated

* purchasers and what they purchased

The scrubbed lists are shared with a limited number of the volunteer staff and used to identify and contact individuals.

How we minimize sharing of your data

Because ActBlue collects more personal data than is needed for our purposes, we have created a scrubbing system. One designated contact person receives all personal data from ActBlue, strips out the non-essential personal data, and then provides the scrubbed data set to the other members of the admin team.